Outcome of Appeal and Campaign Statement

4 years already served for a crime they didn’t commit
Samar Alami and Jawad Botmeh are innocent of any connection to the bombings of the Israeli Embassy and Balfour House. They were wrongly convicted of conspiracy (not the bombings) and sentenced to 20 years imprisonment. The Court of Appeal granted leave to appeal against their conviction in May 1999. Seventeen months later their appeal will be heard on 24th October 2000.

This appeal could be their last chance to prove their innocence
The government and MI5 have withheld vital information which could prevent this miscarriage of justice from continuing. But the Home Secretary has used Public Interest Immunity Certificates to stop this information being given to the defence.

What is there to hide?
Do the Secret Services have information about the bombings?
The European Court of Human Rights has judged that non-disclosure which leads to unfair trials is a breach of Human Rights. And while Samar and Jawad languish in prison the real bombers have escaped. The police are not looking for the bombers.

No-one has been charged with the bombings
Samar and Jawad are innocent victims of the political oppression of the Palestinian people. Yet if they had been convicted by an Israeli Court they would have been freed by now!

no more miscarriages of justice!

Outcome of Appeal and Campaign Statement