Things you need to know before choosing an ultrasonic cleaner

If you are buying an hypersonic cleaner for the first time, you might be overwhelmed with what seems endless variety of options you will come across. From price to features differences, there are numerous versatile products you have the possibility to choose from, but in order to select an option that will cover all your supersonic cleaning needs, knowing a few tips on the subject will certainly be a plus. Here are the considerations you will need to have before purchasing this type of product:

Tank dimension

The tank dimension you opt for needs to go hand in hand with your particular supersonic cleaning requirements. How large are the parts you are interested in cleaning? Figuring out your needs before proceeding to buy this type of product is essential. You should measure the dimensions of the largest parts you are planning to clean, in order to choose a tank that will manage to accommodate them. It is best advised to select a larger ultrasound cleaner tank, for industrial purposes, in order to not face any inconveniences.

Power and frequency

A vast majority of ultrasonic cleaners you will find on the market operate somewhere between 28 and 120 KHz. Almost all industrial and commercial cleaning applications should usually utilize 38 to 40 KHz frequencies. However, if you will be using the device for fine cleaning of delicate items, such as fine metals or jewellery, opting for a higher frequency is recommended. When it comes to power, the majority of cleaners give you the possibility to dial it down, so you should not be determined to purchase a cleaner with a minimal power capability, because you can use a powerful product even for the cleaning of multiple delicate items.

Baskets or racks

Because not a single item being cleaned should touch the ultrasound transducers, found inside the cleaner tank, using baskets or racks will be necessary. To prevent any damage from being made, try selecting a cleaner that comes with the right type of baskets.

Consider the brand

One last thing you should be fully aware of is that the brand you select can make all the difference. Regardless of budget or what features you are interested in, quality should always come first, and the brand of the cleaner is usually the ones that tells the quality of the product. One option you cannot go wrong with is the Hilsonic Ultrasonic Cleaner. Designed for industrial purposes, this particular brand allows you to clean items of all sizes, shapes and technical complexity, and will remove problem contamination from any types of hard surface, regardless if it’s metal, ceramic or plastic.

As you can see, it is important to be aware of a few relevant aspects before you purchase an silent-sound cleaner. If you wish for your investment to be actually worth it, and the product to provide you with the best cleaning results, knowing exactly what to look for when you are interested in buying one will be necessary. Follow the tips mentioned above, and you will not have any problems is selecting the perfect ultrasound cleaner, one great example being the cleaning device of high-quality company..